Smogblog was a weblog concerned with the goings on at Middlesbrough Football Club and tangential – occasionally wildly so – matters, which ran during the late 2000s/early 2010s. I’ve missed it, while conceding there are several very good online sources about our little team that exist – this hasn’t always been the case. And so I’m having a go at reviving it, making a concerted effort to post daily or as near as, and not taking a penny for my troubles. You decide – is it worth spending a penny on?

The Smoggy archives exist only in bits on various archive resources, and via my own personal files – I had the unusual foresight to download a complete file of everything that had been written on the site. From time to time I may republish some of this stuff, though much of it would be meaningless to anyone who doesn’t have an encyclopaedic memory of the time we once thought Rob Hulse was the answer to our goalscoring dreams, or when we believed Didier Digard might one day turn out to be Boro’s box to box solution.

For my part, I’m a long-distance supporter who uses these pages and a regular column at the fantastic Fly Me to the Moon fanzine to stay in touch with my roots. By now I’ve lived outside Teesside much, much longer than I was there as a bairn, but some things never change and that, sad to report, includes my footballing affiliations. Despite rarely going to matches and ranting/shaking my fist/bowing my head solemnly at all things Boro, they’re my club and that’ll never change. It doesn’t even matter that being a Boro fan is basically an acceptance of lifelong disappointment and let-downs mixed in with some very occasional highs, or that even when the Chairman ploughs in millions of pounds of his own money we will never break into the big time or the public consciousness. That’s just the crappy way it goes, and while it could be better it could of course be a lot worse.

When not holding down a full-time job, mortgage, wife, man-child, etc, I like to write, waste hours of Football Manager (not even the newest version), watch classic cinema and try not to concede to a drinking problem, for which approximately five per cent is down to the team I am (un)fortunate enough to support.