Relegation before Chelsea?

Evening. Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday (still no idea why I’m apologising – who to?), which was down to extreme tiredness after the toughest of weeks in work, and it was only a four day week! I’m not going into the reasons why it has been so difficult and frustrating, suffice it to say the slight snowy lay on my pate is developing into a full blizzard, and I’m looking into the possibility of jobs elsewhere. I remember a tedious, mind-numbingly slow job of work I did in the last decade and wishing I was involved in something more challenging and where I would never get bored. Now, I miss that dull, meandering, in-tray dependent existence.

And so onto a weekend that should decide our fate, indeed for many of us it will come as a reprieve, a bit like owning an ancient dog that’s back legs no longer work and the glassy eyed veterinarian advises you it’s best to put the old boy out of his misery. Hull, six points clear, have Sunderland at home, and if they win that one with their impressive record at the the KCOM under Silva, then we must go to Stamford Bridge and achieve the somewhat unlikely feat of defeating Chelsea just in order to maintain the gap. To add a bit of fun, our game isn’t on until Monday evening, forcing fans to travel to London on a work night (but who cares, right?) for the pleasure. Realistically, something we know has been over for some time now ought to be decided and made official, and though it would be immensely gratifying to do a number on the league leaders and their manager, the Italian Eric Monkman, I don’t think there’s much else but pride on the line anymore.


Managerial link time! Odds are shortening on Ryan Giggs being named as our next boss, but I can’t remember who reported that and am unsure what I think of it. It’s certainly the sort of link that reflects consistency in Steve Gibson’s appointments – practically unknown as a head coach and from Manchester United. In recent years, I remember Giggs best as the former star player who sat alongside Louis Van Gaal in United’s dugout, looking a bit non-plussed presumably at his mentor’s strange lack of a neck, and of course as a winger he was pretty much unimpeachable, for many, many years. In his personal life he has had his uncomfortable moments, but he must have learned some things from his Assistant Managership, and to some extent there’s something intriguing about a new gaffer who comes without the baggage of the previous failures experienced with the likes of Pearson, Pardew, etc.

Finally, I was entertained by the story of Christian Ziege regretting the circumstances of his controversial move from Middlesbrough to Liverpool. I typed thousands of words on this subject during my BoroNET days, suffice it to say the bloke acted like an outright twatbag and deserves every misfortune he’s suffered since then. He was the Ramirez of his day. Next!


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