AK to Sunlun – this week’s Scurrilous Link

Forgive the unwanted videos and heavy advertising in this Gazette link, but the astonishing news/rumour/blind conjecture coming out of Spain is that Aitor Karanka is ready to re-enter management at no less a place than Sunderland! Why he would want to… Why they would want to, for that matter. Actually, he ticks some of the boxes – has gotten a Championship team promoted, will happily weed out the elements he doesn’t want, produces hard-working line-ups with a safety-first mentality… I’m more of a Karanka fan than he probably deserves, but this doesn’t sound like fun for either party.

Otherwise, a nothing news day and tiredness is mine. It’s been a long day, capped off without watching the Madrid derby in the Champions League. By the end of that, Atletico’s players looked as desolate as I feel, but still if they will insist on giving space and time to the one of the deadliest forwards in the world then perhaps they deserve all they get. What a talent that boy has, but either he’s a master of off the ball running or Los Colchoneros were having an off night when it came to marking, it was just too easy.


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