De Rooooooooooooooooonnnnnnn


I worked a thankless and frustrating twelve hour day, left vexed with my lack of progress, struggling with a mental head cold, got home in time to tune into the match only to discover Boro+ wasn’t working, nor did it until the game’s dying embers, so I relied on dodgy feeds and text commentary to learn that it was awful fare…

But it doesn’t matter, because Marten de Roon scored against Sunderland and Boro actually won a match! At long, long, long, long last. All right, so it took a terrible opponent that walked into the Riverside already looking defeated, a home team bereft of any kind of confidence, spending the second half defending against a team that hardly warranted our barricades. By all accounts it was no classic and I can’t see it being committed to DVD for a fans’ special purchase, but that’s fine. We broke an unwanted duck for 2017 and for now that’s good enough.

Can you believe it? Even Mike Dean looks nonplussed (see above). What’s that? He always looks that way…?


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